We're introducing referrals! Earn commission from whom you referred.

When you share your unique link, we track who signs up through your link. If a brand signs up, you earn when they spend on campaigns. If an influencer signs up, you earn commission when they make money on campaigns.

Your earnings are based on a ratio of our revenue, what Fango earns from that user. The commission ratio is currently 50% at our introductory phase, so make sure you refer as many users as possible in this period.

We recommend referring brands that you've already worked with to maximize your earnings. You can also publish content helping creators and ask them to sign up through your link.

To give an example, Fango charges 10% on top of the campaign spending from a brand. When they spend $100,000 on a campaign, we charge $10,000 and your commission earning would be $5,000.

Commissions are reflected to your account after the payment to the user is cleared and completed.

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