Connecting Instagram

If you're getting 403 forbidden or can not connect your Instagram account, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Note: You may have this problem when your account is private. Please make sure your account is not private. You can see this by going to Instagram app's settings page in your profile.

This issue usually happens when your Instagram account is connected to another Fango account than you're using.
  1. Logout from Fango
  2. Login to Fango with your Instagram account
  3. If it asks for an email, enter an alternative email than you usually use.
  4. Go to Networks and remove your Instagram account
  5. Login to Fango with your original email
  6. Connect Instagram at the Networks page
If you're trying to add multiple Instagram accounts, logout from Instagram, login to Instagram with your other account. Then try connecting Instagram to Fango on your Networks page.

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